The Fairway Story

Why our story matters

We are changing the way divorce happens.

Our clients are experiencing “The Clear Road to a New Life®”.

Fairway was created to provide families an alternative way to solve disputes. Our Independently Negotiated Resolution Process™ (INR) takes clients independently through a step by step process that brings resolution on the key issues. Each client is an empowered decision maker. The INR process ensures that emotions do not play havoc with sound decision making. Their outcomes stand the test of time.

There is a better way and it is the Fairway.

Divorce does not need to define a person however the way they move through a divorce will impact their future either positively or negatively. Fairway exists to protect generations to come by providing an alternative to the traditional system.

It is legal, it brings results and it makes sense.


Why join fairway divorce solutions?


  1. Community of owners  When you join Fairway, you’re a part of our family. You have access to the knowledge and expertise from head office and your fellow franchise partners.
  2. Smart risk  Franchising gives you the best of both worlds: the freedom to be the boss, with the back-end systems and support of a trusted brand to set you up for success and credibility.
  3. Tried-and-true marketing  We supply the tools and creative you need for advertising and marketing; from creative to national media buys. You can focus on developing your business. It’s our recipe for success.
  4. Our clients  We serve people who are facing conflict and want to find a more civil way to resolve their issues. They have money and assets to protect, and they care about their relationships.
  5. Back-end systems  The Fairway INR process is a proven step-by-step process that is backed with systems and customized CRM.
  6. Trusted brand  We have 15 years of experience in helping our franchisees grow. Divorce is a tough business but we always strive to achieve a fair resolution for all parties.
  7. Culture of founders  You have the chance to leverage your leadership and business skills to write your own founder’s story. Owning a business gives you the freedom to choose your own future.



Our story: Why We Exist

A divorce can destroy what you have built up together and become a devastating experience for your children. At Fairway Divorce Solutions we remove the adversarial side of the divorce by taking you independently through a step-by-step process that resolves all financial and parenting issues from start to finish. Learn more about what makes us unique.

Client testimonials

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

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“Clean Break”, along with Fairway Divorce Solutions®, will absolutely save you time, money, energy and – for sure – months of unnecessary heartache. It is about time someone cut through the grease and cleaned up the messy costly divorce process.

- Dr. John F. Demartini, Best Selling Author of “The Breakthrough Experience”