Fast Track™ divorce mediation and resolution

Quick, easy and inexpensive

Many couples have already made all the decisions with regards to finances and children and only need to ensure they neither made a mistake or overlooked something important. As a response to our client’s needs, Fairway introduced the Fast Track, a condensed INR™ Independently Negotiated Resolution process that can achieve a separation agreement quickly and efficiently. Fairway prides itself on outstanding client service and ensuring that we never compromise on our product. While Fast Track is quick, it is not at the expense of a good outcome for you.

We keep it simple but do not compromise on results.

a man playing golfHow fast?

We will help you pull it all together, give you feedback and get you started on filing for divorce all within a few days or weeks.

How cost effective?

We keep your costs down by quoting you a flat fee, so you know upfront what it will cost. Our price for our Fast Track ranges from Province to Province but is usually only a few thousand dollars and will take only a few weeks to complete.

The best-of-the-best process and services “INR” offers, condensed both in time and money.

How reliable?

Even if you and your partner are in agreement about the divorce and nothing is being contested, you still need to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. We offer an inexpensive flat-fee solution for uncontested divorces for those who want to ensure their separation agreement will stand the test of time.

As our FastTrack service is appropriate only if you agree on all of the terms of your separation, you must qualify for this service. Our priority is to ensure that you reach an agreement on everything relevant to your situation, even the things you may not have considered yet. One of our experts will assist in determining if this is the right service for you.

The average cost of a separation/divorce in Canada is now over $51,000

Client testimonials

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

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We truly appreciate the time you spent with us and the conversation greatly assisted us in coming to our conclusion of reconstruction of our relationship.

- Fairway Client, December 2019

The Fairway Method

Divorce is difficult. We make is easier from start to finish. The Clear Road to a New Life®

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Frequently asked questions

At Fairway, we understand that facing a divorce is daunting, bringing mixed emotions and many questions. We are committed to ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to move through the process in a way that protects your assets and your children.

Fairway Divorce Solutions has an in-house legal team that drafts your separation agreement and, in certain provinces, can file for divorce. Also, our matrimonial lawyers educate divorcing couples during the What is the Law™ Seminar. You are also encouraged to get independent legal advice from lawyers.

It is seldom too late. Fairway Divorce Solutions has helped couples frustrated with the cost, time and emotional strain of using lawyers. The Fairway team encourages divorcing couples to research and understand divorce options and choose a process designed to meet the needs of both parties and the children. The court process can often be paused to allow parties to explore and use Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) methods.

No, you do not need a lawyer to get divorced. However, it is highly recommended that a lawyer review your separation agreement before you sign it when children and assets are involved. Once you have a separation agreement, you do not need to use your lawyer to file for divorce. We offer divorce filing services in applicable provinces to make your life easier and keep costs down.

A divorce is a method of terminating a marriage between two individuals; your divorce will give each of you the legal right to marry someone else.