Our history

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Founded in 2006, by Karen Stewart, Fairway was created to help Canadian families’ transition through divorce and separation by using a unique proprietary step-by-step model that protects money and relationships. Fairway offers clients across Canada separation mediation services and divorce services that reduce time and cost. While Divorce rates remain high, people are looking for better ways to end relationships by turning to marriage mediation and alternative divorce resolution. Fairway continues to grow nationally by offering like-minded professionals an opportunity to either join one of our established offices or become a franchise partner.

Our story: Why We Exist

A divorce can destroy what you have built up together and become a devastating experience for your children. At Fairway Divorce Solutions we remove the adversarial side of the divorce by taking you independently through a step-by-step process that resolves all financial and parenting issues from start to finish. Learn more about what makes us unique.