Invest in your success

We believe you choose the profession you are in because you were passionate about this area. Developing the skillset and knowledge to serve your clients has been the key to your success. The challenge is balancing your time between working “on” the business vs “in” the business. To build a successful business you need to spend money and time in marketing, management, processes, IT, finance, operations, and R&D. These are fundamental to your success, but they also take you away from revenue generation. Fairway has invested time (since 2006) and millions of dollars establishing systems for what you need to run your business so you can service your clients and build your team.

We care about the Fairway brand and we care about your success.

Every franchise opportunity requires a different level of investment. A typical restaurant or retail franchise can cost anywhere from $150K to over $1M!

At Fairway Divorce Solutions, we’ve made it more affordable than ever to start a franchise. We believe everyone, with the right qualifications, has the right to be considered for a franchise opportunity.

This is our way of making that dream a reality.


I am a matrimonial lawyer and have worked with some of Fairway’s clients for almost 10 years. I have found that their mediated resolutions plans are professional, and that when completed with the benefit of independent legal advice, have achieved a good and economic result for the clients. ~Warren Jennings, Calgary Family Lawyer