The Connotation of Life After Divorce

23 September 2022

caucasian woman standing in an empty apartment with her dog looking out the window

What does life after divorce mean?

We’ve all heard the phrase before: life after divorce. Basically, it sounds like a catchphrase. However, it doesn’t seem to be the most accurate when it comes to the connotation of how divorce is defined.  It just doesn’t seem right, rolling off the tongue.

But there is definitely a relationship between how the phrase “life after divorce” is defined and felt. It is meant to be a phase in life to make the reconnection with who you are, your core and your beliefs. This is a life-altering event, as such, almost demands it.

Finding out more about who you are might seem like a scary opportunity, but it is an opportunity. However, you can accept it and move forward or fight it. Not only should you accept this change, but you should embrace it as well.

There will come a point in time the “life after divorce” where you recognize the solace from those everyday thoughts and actions that may have left you apprehensive. You begin to appreciate scenarios that may have scared you previously. Things like travelling alone, going to the movies, alone, or cooking alone, for example.

Things to Appreciate About Life After Divorce

Moving forward after a divorce is about small steps and self-recognition. Realizing that being alone is okay. It is not a reason to be cast out as a pariah. Consider:

Eating out by yourself and being totally comfortable with it

  • You will begin to appreciate your personal time alone and away from your usual environment.
  • You are with your own thoughts, and you learn a new appreciation for soaking in the environment and your surroundings.
  • There is a certain amount of strength within yourself to sit alone.

Being okay the house is not pristinely clean at all times

  • You only need to impress yourself. This will help you learn that you don’t need to impress others.

The freedom to explore on your terms

  • This is an opportunity to follow through with your thoughts and ideas. You are on your own schedule. You can go where you want and do as you please.
  • Get in touch with who you really are.

You are defined as only you

  • There is no longer a role to assume as we generally accept in the context of relationships.
  • You have the opportunity to set yourself up again as a complete human being, comprehending your feelings on a greater basis.

Not being a victim

  • You can revisit some of the hurtful things that have happened, but not being a victim is choosing to grow from these situations and viewing it as an opportunity to grow.
  • Create your story- it can be the sad events that have occurred or the positive choices made. Because we were given those opportunities.

When tackling life after divorce, it presents the opportunity to view things from a different perspective. Essentially, you are a new version of your former self. Finally, remember to create your own story. There will come sad times, how you deal with them is what allows you to grow in the face of those sad times.

Consider the opportunities at hand in the wake of divorce. Ask yourself how you are able to learn and grow from those opportunities. Most of all, use it as a platform to launch your new self.