CTV News Part 3 - How to Move Quickly through Divorce

19 August 2018

Fairway Divorce Solutions lives by three words: children, assets and speed

Looking for a fast divorce process that protects the children and preserves your assets? Get your divorce done quickly with the Fairway Divorce Solutions.

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Fast Divorce Process

Karen Stewart concludes her "Pros in the Know" interview by presenting Fairway's mission: Children, Assets & Speed. The things that matter most to you.

Fast Track - A fast divorce process based on INRWhen it comes to divorce, Fairway does things a bit differently. In this segment, Karen talks about Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR). It's a process that helps couples quickly find an end game. Since most people going through a divorce feel conflicted or afraid, it's hard for them to talk about their true feelings or wishes, especially if they are in the same room as their partner. This usually slows down the mediation process and causes conflict. 


One of the things INR does is that it separates you from your partner so you can find common ground without conflict. With the help of a professional divorce mediator, you can quickly make the right choices without worrying about how your partner feels, or what they think. Above all, this process allows couples to feel safe and confident about their decision making.

Fairway's three fundamentals: Mediation, Negotiating and Quarterbacking

In addition, you'll learn how Fairway mediates around parenting, negotiates around money and quarterbacks with professionals such as lawyers to save you time and money. Most importantly, Fairway protects your children and preserves your assets. These are things that matter.

Learn more about Fairway Divorce Solutions

Fairway works hard to get to the right outcome and has helped thousands of Canadians each year.  With over a 90% success rate, why fight it out with the Lawyers when you can use mediation and negotiation? If you are looking for a fast divorce, consider Fairway Divorce Solutions.

For more information, call Karen Stewart at 1-866-775-3247.  You can also pick up her book Clean Break -  A guide to divorce. It's full of great advice, and you can get it online.