Divorce Mediation: Protecting Generations

12 May 2022

Divorce has become a negative connotation and with good reason. In recent generations, divorce has become all too common. This means that families are being split up in the ugliest ways when that is largely unnecessary.

But what if there were a better way? What if couples could split in a more amicable way, keeping family units intact on the other side? That is the promise that mediation is offering for generations to come.

A Broken System

Unhappy CoupleNearly all marriages today end in divorce. Because of that, divorce has become more socially acceptable than ever before. After all, if one or both parties are not happy, there is no sense in staying in the marriage, right?

That said, the traditional means of divorce are outdated and in need of a major change. If anything, the current system is far too adversarial, promoting disagreement each step of the way. What results are prolonged court battles that leave both parties devasted not only financially, but emotionally as well.

There needs to be a better way of doing things.

Alternatives for Generations to Come

So, what is the response to this current state of chaos? A shift towards a family legal system where families choose an alternative dispute resolution practice. Leading the charge in that shift is divorce mediation.

It is a way out of the chaos with action, clarity, and positive intention. Mediation is meant to bring parties together with a focus on common interests. Mediation is meant to bring parties together so that they can come to an amicable resolution.

There is another very important reason to consider as well and that is the children. Children of divorce suffer different consequences than other children. When those divorces are contentious, it leads to difficulties in co-parenting, which impacts the kids.

But at Fairway, there is a commitment to change that will benefit generations of separating couples to come. It means focusing on the four cornerstones: protecting the children, preserving wealth, reducing stress, and saving time.

Instead of spending time and energy fighting, both parties can focus on being better parents. Children are able to thrive when parents can move forward quickly and create a new sense of family normalcy in the wake of separation.

Parents can be the architects of their own agreements. This leaves them with the power to work through their disputes to create a customized “for-their-family” parenting plan. This parenting plan is what will allow the family to thrive even after the separation.

Seven Generations

Let's talk about an important principle called the Seventh Generation Principle. This is based on Iroquois philosophy that future decisions we make should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. The Seventh Generation Principle has typically been used in talking about resource and energy preservation.

Here at Fairway, we think principles like this can apply to relationships. Each decision should strive to create sustainable relationships that will last seven generations into the future. It starts by putting the needs of the next generation ahead of that of our own.

It is never more important to create this philosophy than during separation or divorce. When parents strive to be the best they can be, the children benefit.

Fairway Divorce Thinks About Future Generations

We at Fairway Divorce know the difficulties that divorce can create. Even when the divorce processes, the strife doesn't end. It can continue long after without the proper frame of mind and the intention of both parties.

Our team has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help ensure that your family will remain strong even after a separation or divorce. 

Christie Moser, CPA, CA is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist and the owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions locations in Calgary and Airdrie