Choosing the Right Divorce Mediator

17 April 2019

Choosing a MediatorDivorce can be a nightmare, especially when you go through the court system. For this reason, many divorcing couples choose mediation.

Instead of a headache in court, couples collaborate to resolve their conflicts. Also, they make key decisions together to decide what happens during the divorce.

However, not all divorce mediators are the same. For many couples, a traditional mediator is not the best choice.

Choosing the Right Divorce Mediator

Make sure you choose the best mediator for you. At Fairway Divorce Solutions, we offer a skilled team of resolution experts that can help you negotiate your divorce agreement.

Our divorce mediation service will save you money. But it will also save you time. During a divorce, both of those things are constantly under threat and strain. Our team of mediation experts can help make the entire process just a little smoother, allowing you to keep as much of your time and sanity as possible on the other side.

Traditional Divorce Mediation

Traditional divorce mediation puts your divorce into a one size fits all box.

A trained mediator will sit down with you both to provide a neutral third-party perspective. While this works for some couples, especially those still willing and able to communicate, it can be nearly impossible for those battling for common ground. Among couples whose divorce is less friendly, hammering out an agreement is tough.

The Fairway Difference

Our team of resolution experts come from diverse backgrounds. They share a large basket of skills that can be used to look at your divorce agreement from many perspectives.

While our experts use some techniques that are drawn from traditional mediation, they also draw from a variety of other dispute resolution techniques.

Many have been professional negotiators in different industries. And they bring these unique experiences into their work. 

Step by Step Divorce Process

In addition, we follow a proven, research-based step by step process.

How are we different from traditional mediation?

While a traditional mediator will simply facilitate dialogue, our resolution experts walk you through each aspect of your divorce agreement.

All of our experts have high emotional intelligence. In combination with our step by step process, this allows them to help even the most hostile couples. We help find common ground. And build on that foundation to successfully reach an equitable divorce agreement.


Our divorce mediation process

Our process may take more time in a complex divorce. In the end, you will have a fair divorce agreement. Which saves time and headaches in the long run.

Your divorce agreement can be filed with the courts. Best of all, at only a fraction of the cost of going through the court.

We will even draft and file your agreement

Choosing the right divorce mediator can feel overwhelming. It's extra challenging in high conflict divorce. How do you know who to choose?

With Fairway Divorce Solutions, you can rest assured that our entire team is on your side. We're ready to walk you through the entire process with you. No matter how hostile your relationship is, our resolution process can bring you to an agreement that is satisfactory for both sides.

About Fairway Divorce Solutions

Fairway is Canada’s leading national divorce resolution company.  Our experienced resolution experts are here to help you. At Fairway Divorce Solutions we specialize in mediation to resolve family disputes.

Please call us today to schedule a no-cost consultation to find out how we can help you.