Calgary Stampede and the Floods

10 July 2013

As we continue to celebrate the Calgary Stampede, things feel different this year.  The Stampede is usually a time for joyous celebration, but there is more to it this year. For one, these days of fun and celebration feel more than a little humble compared to last year.

Calgary Flood

Calgary is a great city. For one, it is one of the cleanest cities in the world, not just Canada. Its low sales tax makes cost of living just a little more affordable. Family doctors are easier to find than most other areas in Canada. And the Stampede is among the many things that there is to do within city limits.

The outdoor scenery is also quite unlike many other major cities in Canada. Combined with a hopping downtown scene, which is accessible through affordable and reliable public transportation, Calgary is a city that has it all.

But the Stampede this year is more about a time of reflection and remembrance than celebration. Those fortunate enough to call Calgary home know! They know that this year’s Stampede is on the bittersweet side and most importantly, they appreciate what Calgary means to them.

The Calgary Stampede Remembers the Flooding

Thousands of families across Calgary have lost so much to the floods over the last year. While a celebration may normally be welcomed, this may be the last thing that families want to contend with during trying times like these.

Unfortunately, with the Calgary Stampede often comes an increase in divorce rates. This year, the trend may be a bit different. Families are tasked with picking their lives up and starting over again. For relationships that may have been on the fence, that can mean a chance to make things work.

The weeks of devastation from the flooding has also brought with it a silver lining, a gift, as it were, the gift of gratitude. Gratitude for the things that we still have, despite having lost so much.

In times of crisis, we tend to reflect and more importantly, we tend to hold on tightly to the people and things that matter most to us. No matter the crisis or state of chaos, there are lessons learned. There are also reasons for gratitude even in the darkest of horizons.

Each person has felt the impact of the flooding differently. However, just as importantly, they will find those lessons in their own ways. They will find reasons for gratitude in different ways and in their own time.

For some, maybe those who partied hard last year and broke a few rules, this year’s Stampede is being met with a more humble heart. That could also mean that fewer relationships may end as well. For them, they have been given a reminder of the value of family and to not take things for granted.

Fairway Divorce Can Help in Tough Times

One of the gifts of the flooding can be to invest in the value of family. To work at relationships that may have seemed previously broken, taking those lessons and moving forward to the best of our abilities is all that we can do.

At Fairway, we know that relationship stress can permeate into other areas of life. When a crisis like this hits, that appreciation and renewed investment may not be enough. Mediation can be the tool that helps couples communicate once again and turn around what may previously have been a lost ship.

As we reflect on the things that we have and show appreciation, realizing that we need help can be just as important. If help is what your relationship needs, Fairway is here.