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Welcome to Fairway Divorce in Saskatoon. We simplify the separation process by handling everything from the division of assets to co-parenting plans. We start by envisioning your future first.

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Getting free divorce counselling from a family lawyer is great. But, if they aren't disclosing the final costs, it's maybe because some attorneys like to drag out divorces. Why? It benefits them by helping cover their expensive overhead.

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Fairway Divorce in Saskatoon will guide you through a proven step-by-step divorce mediation method. By combining divorce mediation with the top divorce lawyers in Saskatoon, you'll have the best of both worlds.

Reduce time, stress, and cost.

We help thousands of couples resolve their separation quickly and inexpensively each year. We do this by sharing our costs upfront, drafting separation papers, and only involving divorce lawyers when necessary

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With Fairway Divorce, you will feel like the weight of the world has lifted off your shoulders. Get your separation agreement and divorce papers in less time and less cost. Protect your integrity and set up your future for a happy life for yourself and those you love.

Services offered at Fairway Saskatoon

What you need most when navigating a conflict is a solution, and the sooner, the better. The Fairway Saskatoon team is committed to making the next phase of your life possible through alternate conflict resolution.

Fairway mediators are experts in divorce, business and family negotiation, and conflict resolution. Since we live where we serve, we understand the landscape of Saskatoon, including provincial mediation policy and the needs of our community. All of Fairway’s final separation agreements and plans are based on the family laws of your jurisdiction, including the: Federal Child Support Guidelines, Children’s Law Act, 2020, Family Property Act, and the Divorce Act. Our unique INR mediation method helps you leave us with everything needed to close this chapter and move to your next adventure.

You’ll be expertly guided through each step of our INR method by your dedicated mediator. They’ll strive to keep negotiations on a timeline and your priorities at the centre of the process to achieve a resolution as quickly as possible and without draining your finances. When necessary, your mediator will meet with you and your partner or spouse separately. Your final separation agreement will reflect everyone’s needs, preferences, vision for the future, and be based on matrimonial and divorce laws. When the process requires additional expertise, we’ll draw from our extended independent team of trusted professionals in real estate, finance, tax, business valuation, pension valuation, and the law. You’ll never have to wonder if you’ve missed a step or what’s needed from you because we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

Effective July 1, 2022, parties with family law matters must attempt a form of family dispute resolution before pursuing any other further court proceedings in all Saskatchewan court jurisdictions. With thousands of families helped, Fairway is the alternative dispute resolution choice that brings results. Whether your issues involve separation, property division, or parenting, Fairway Saskatoon provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your needs. Our proprietary INR process simplifies and addresses all the decisions parties need to make during a divorce with the added benefit of guidance from our team of trusted professionals. Our office has experts trained in family mediation and parenting coordination with extensive financial expertise to navigate you to positive outcomes.


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This business is owned and operated independently by Fairway Investment Corporation, who is an authorized licensed user of the trademark Fairway Divorce Solutions®, which trademark is owned by Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd.

Areas of Specialization

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Same-sex relationships
  • High net-worth divorce
  • High conflict divorce
  • Divorcing with children
  • Farm divorce
  • Parenting Coordination

Divorce Services

The team at Saskatoon

The dedicated Fairway Saskatoon team encompasses years of mediation experience. As specialists in family and divorce resolution and mediation, we’re equipped to manage a broad range of complexity to resolve conflicts and disputes efficiently and amicably.

Tracy Kendel
Tracy Kendel
B.A., CDFA®, Q.Med, Parenting Coordinator
Franchise Owner, Resolution Expert, Mediator
Joanne Vinnai
Joanne Vinnai
Client Manager
Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet
B.A., J.D.
Lawyer and Legal Expert

A Strong National Brand Supporting Local Expertise

At Saskatoon you receive the benefit of a private confidential mediation boutique supported by a national team. Fairway’s national team of legal, financial, and business professionals assist the Saskatoon office by providing up-to-date changes to Saskatchewan and Canadian divorce laws, client education, financial divorce expertise, collective peer review on client cases, and the drafting and critiquing of separation agreements by Fairway’s legal department. The result is an expertly crafted agreement that avoids unnecessary delays when you take the final step in your divorce process and engage independent legal advice. Locally and nationally, the Fairway team is here to help you move forward into your new life.


With Fairway you are backed with a team of top professionals from coast to coast.

Fairway Solutions and our step-by-step INR mediation method was founded by Karen Stewart to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently, without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with more than 12 locations across Canada. Since 2006 Fairway’s dedicated mediators and resolution experts have coached over 6,500 families through divorce conflict.

Client testimonials

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

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What can I say. This is never a part of the journey that I foresaw or expected. But I wanted to just send a ‘happy Friday’ note to both of you for making this entire “adventure” as good as it could be! I don’t know if my opinion means much, so I’m not going to Google to post “Best Divorce Ever!”, ha ha ha. BUT: it has been a really, really positive experience. The work you do must be very challenging, and not every “adventure” will be this smooth, so I just wanted to thank you for your assistance, your skills, and your professionalism.

- Saskatoon Client February 2022

Karen’s books about divorce

After her own costly divorce, Karen's vision led to the creation of Fairway Divorce Solutions, the writing of these books, and a passion for advocating a change in the way divorce happens.
Divorce the Fairway book by Karen Stewart

Divorce the fair way

How to achieve a clean break. Karen draws on her own costly divorce and experiences after launching Fairway Divorce Solutions to provide a solid framework to help you navigate your divorce with dignity and move on with your life. Her proprietary process has helped thousands of families successfully resolve their divorces.

Divorcing? Book by Karen Stewart


How to end your marriage without wrecking your life. In a compelling, true-to-life story based on her own experience, Karen Stewart reveals the terrible damage that results from the present divorce system. What you read here can transform your divorce into what it should be – the end of one chapter in your life, and the positive beginning of another.

Divorce For Women by Karen Stewart

Divorce for Women

A guide to creating a great life after divorce. Are you currently struggling through a divorce, keen to seek out ways to alleviate some of the pain and stress that you are experiencing as a woman of divorce? This guide to life after divorce for women will offer you a step-by-step, “how to” road map to divorce and finances, divorce and kids, and the tools to lay the foundation for a great life.

Divorce for Men by Karen Stewart

Divorce for Men

A guide to creating a great life after divorce. Divorce does not have to be the moment in life that defines you. Instead, let your actions after divorce define you. This book for men covers critical aspects such as managing relationships with your children, handling financial matters, and laying the groundwork for a fulfilling post-divorce life. Embrace this chance to build a brighter future.