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At Fairway Red Deer we know how hard divorce conflict can be. We developed our Independently Negotiated Resolution™ (INR) mediation method to get you through it one manageable step at a time. We’ll help you understand the issues, make informed decisions, reach an agreement, and move into the future.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Red Deer

Fairway Divorce Solutions Red Deer is ready to help you create a clear path to your new life. How will we do that? By envisioning your future first. Fairway is Canada's nationally recognized divorce company and has been in business since 2006.

Powered by a team of mediation, resolution, and divorce experts

Our mediation and resolution experts will help you through the divorce process using one of the proven services powered by INR, our proprietary Independently Negotiated Resolution. Whether you use Sole (for singles), Ally (for couples) or one of our other services, all of our work is based on four fundamental cornerstones: Reduce time, Reduce cost, Reduce stress, Protect the kids

Divorce can be the most challenging experience of your life

You might feel as if you and your family are broken. Our focus is to make what was broken beautiful again. At Fairway Divorce Solutions Red Deer, we will negotiate your divorce from start to finish, which includes your final separation agreement.

What does this mean for you?

It means you will be through the challenge of negotiations in 120 days. You and your family can finally begin living the life you've always envisioned. And it all starts with a phone call.

Services offered at Fairway Red Deer

At Fairway Divorce Solutions, our resolution experts/mediators are trained in divorce, business and family negotiation, and conflict resolution. At Fairway Red Deer, we are committed to quickly guiding clients to their best possible outcomes.

All of Fairway Divorce’s final separation agreements and plans are based on the family laws in Alberta and Canada, including the Federal Child Support Guidelines, Divorce Act, Matrimonial Property Act/Family Property Act, Family Law Act, Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, and the Dower Act. Our unique INR Process is designed to help you close this chapter of your life and into the next adventure.

You’ll work with a dedicated resolution expert who will guide you through each step of The Fairway Method, keeping negotiations on a timeline and your priorities at the centre of the process. Your mediator will meet with you and your partner or spouse separately to provide both of you the opportunity to make fully informed decisions in your own way. Your final separation agreement will reflect each party’s decisions, needs, vision for the future, and be based on the matrimonial and divorce laws in your jurisdiction.

We know and love the communities we serve

The magnificent rolling hills of Central Alberta provide a backdrop for breathtaking views. Strong growth and a prominent business community allow Red Deer to be a hub for the Alberta economy in both oil and agriculture. Residents of Red Deer and its surrounding communities exemplify strength and resilience in Alberta. Central Alberta has a rich history, diverse modern arts and cultural groups, and down-to-earth communities are where Albertans want to live, raise their families, and retire. We feel it is vital that the residents of Central Alberta have access to a better way to approach separation and divorce. We at Fairway Divorce Solutions offer a better way that allows them to put their family first and protect their business and financial assets.

A few heartfelt words from our Principal Partner

Divorces leave most people feeling like there has to be a better way. We understand that this process is not easy, and we strive to make this as easy as possible with our proven step-by-step process. Divorce itself is stressful, and our goal is to ensure the divorce process is not.
— Christie Moser, Principal Partner


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Red Deer

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This business is owned and operated independently by CCM Professional Services Ltd., who is an authorized licensed user of the trademark Fairway Divorce Solutions®, which trademark is owned by Fairway Divorce Solutions Ltd.

Areas of Specialization

Divorce Mediation

  • Complex financial arrangements
  • High net-worth divorce
  • Grey divorce
  • Divorcing with children
  • Parenting coordination
  • Farm divorce
  • Family business

Divorce Services

What makes our team unique and how we are deeply qualified to serve you

The Fairway Red Deer team collectively holds over 45 years of experience in finance, accounting, operations, and divorce mediation. Our team has an extensive background in tax, insolvency, and business and possesses the ability to simplify things when it comes to separation. As Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, we have the expertise to help our clients find the best outcome for their families. Our Resolution Experts combine financial acumen with empathy to quickly assess property division scenarios and help clients overcome the emotional impacts associated with their divorce. Our comprehensive co-parenting plans are created in the children's best interest and reflect our passion for protecting kids. We have brought over 300 clients to resolution and are continuously dedicated to bringing a positive and empowering experience during this stressful time.

Christie Moser
Christie Moser
Principal Partner
Cameron Don
Cameron Don
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Brittany Doucet
Brittany Doucet
B.A., J.D.
Lawyer and Legal Expert
Jerusha Letal_
Jerusha Letal
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Caroline Cranston
Caroline Cranston
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Darien Roy
Darien Roy
Resolution Expert, Mediator
Carima Navikenas
Carima Navikenas
Client Manager
Lola Shanks
Lola Shanks
Ally Coach
Marnie Lowe
Marnie Lowe
Intuitive Coach

A Strong National Brand Supporting Local Expertise

At Red Deer you receive the benefit of a private confidential mediation boutique supported by a national team. Fairway’s national team of legal, financial, and business professionals assist the Red Deer office by providing up-to-date changes to Alberta and Canadian divorce laws, client education, financial divorce expertise, collective peer review on client cases, and the drafting and critiquing of separation agreements by Fairway’s legal department. The result is an expertly crafted agreement that avoids unnecessary delays when you take the final step in your divorce process and engage independent legal advice. Locally and nationally, the Fairway team is here to help you move forward into your new life.


With Fairway you are backed with a team of top professionals from coast to coast.

Fairway Solutions and our step-by-step INR mediation method was founded by Karen Stewart to help Canadian families transition through separation and divorce efficiently, without draining their assets. We’re experts in divorce, family, business and conflict resolution and mediation, with more than 12 locations across Canada. Since 2006 Fairway’s dedicated mediators and resolution experts have coached over 6,500 families through divorce conflict.

Client testimonials

Success comes in many forms. For us, it is hearing back from our clients and reading how we have changed their lives for the better. These stories are the reason we do what we do.

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I appreciated this approach to an amicable separation/divorce. Where you sit down and discuss the hard questions but with a knowledgeable third party to guide you through the process. I highly recommend Darien and her team if you want to keep things civil and as painless as possible. Darien was very kind and understanding and was always available if you had questions or concerns. I’d say that Fairway is the fair way to go.

- Trienke H.

Karen’s books about divorce

After her own costly divorce, Karen's vision led to the creation of Fairway Divorce Solutions, the writing of these books, and a passion for advocating a change in the way divorce happens.
Divorce the Fairway book by Karen Stewart

Divorce the fair way

How to achieve a clean break. Karen draws on her own costly divorce and experiences after launching Fairway Divorce Solutions to provide a solid framework to help you navigate your divorce with dignity and move on with your life. Her proprietary process has helped thousands of families successfully resolve their divorces.

Divorcing? Book by Karen Stewart


How to end your marriage without wrecking your life. In a compelling, true-to-life story based on her own experience, Karen Stewart reveals the terrible damage that results from the present divorce system. What you read here can transform your divorce into what it should be – the end of one chapter in your life, and the positive beginning of another.

Divorce For Women by Karen Stewart

Divorce for Women

A guide to creating a great life after divorce. Are you currently struggling through a divorce, keen to seek out ways to alleviate some of the pain and stress that you are experiencing as a woman of divorce? This guide to life after divorce for women will offer you a step-by-step, “how to” road map to divorce and finances, divorce and kids, and the tools to lay the foundation for a great life.

Divorce for Men by Karen Stewart

Divorce for Men

A guide to creating a great life after divorce. Divorce does not have to be the moment in life that defines you. Instead, let your actions after divorce define you. This book for men covers critical aspects such as managing relationships with your children, handling financial matters, and laying the groundwork for a fulfilling post-divorce life. Embrace this chance to build a brighter future.