Understanding Divorce Resolution

17 May 2018

Understanding Divorce Resolution using Mediation Traditionally speaking, divorce has been an ugly battle. Court and lawyer fees are not the only costs in a contested divorce. But what if there were a better form of divorce resolution? What if there were a way both parties could move on with as much of their finances, emotions and psyche in tact as possible?

That is the point of mediation. Traditional divorce litigation is meant to foster conflict. It is there to designate a "winner" and a "loser" ignoring the fact that both parties lose.

But divorce resolution is meant to achieve a more amiable result. Instead of fostering disagreements that ultimately result in more billable hours, there is an active goal of achieving resolution.

This is your guide to better understanding what divorce mediation is and how it may be a much better path than traditional divorce.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Knowing what divorce mediation is can help illuminate the situation. This is a legal option in Canada for drafting and filing a divorce agreement without paying for the expensive legal battle. Both parties sit down with a trained mediator to resolve all aspects of the divorce. This is anything from the division of property to child custody.

While the process has shown to be beneficial for couples with good communication, it can be limiting. At Fairway Divorce Solutions, we offer a better solution. Our resolution experts draw from both standard mediation techniques and a variety of negotiation tools.

Why Divorce Resolution?

We have a proven, step by step resolution process that uses a team of experts. These experts come from fields like negotiation, mediation, and even finance. Our process is meant to help even the most combative couples use divorce mediation to their advantage. While this might take multiple sessions to find an agreement, it will be faster and cheaper. Not only that, it will be more flexible than the courts. Divorce resolution will also likely result in a fairer agreement than through a simple process of mediation.

Resolution Success

Couple at Divorce Mediation Having divorce resolution on your side is such a valuable resource because it works. With resolution experts, there is a recognition that you know your life and kids better than any judge could. These experts will help you find places that agree and use those bridges to help navigate the tougher areas.

No matter how acrimonious you and your soon-to-be-ex are, divorce resolution is a process that can help alleviate even the worst situations.

Divorce Resolution Costs

We charge only for our resolution experts’ time. How to split the bill is entirely up to you and your ex. It is not a good idea for one spouse to foot the whole bill. Both parties need a financial incentive to settle the process as quickly as possible.

If this were a drawn-out court process, both parties would have thousands in attorney fees. It may not cost thousands this way, but both spouses will understand the costs involved.

Is Resolution Ever Inappropriate?

There is no real reason not to try divorce resolution. This is because it is far less expensive than a standard court battle. Even in cases of domestic abuse, resolution experts are skilled in ensuring that neither party is coerced into an unfair agreement.

Independently Negotiated ResolutionNo matter how toxic the relationship, this one-stop-shop process can help both parties work towards common ground. This is even if you can’t stand to be in the same room as the other person.

Some are reluctant to try divorce resolution because they think their case has an obvious resolution. But the law is not black and white, and a lawyer’s job is to turn even simple issues into ethical dilemmas. The resolution process is the only way to guarantee that the negotiation process goes smoothly.

If this process does not work out, you can then deal with the courts knowing that you have exhausted every avenue. Remember, though, that your bill can reach astronomical amounts in the courts. This is why divorce resolution is worth exploring.