Stampeding Responsibly with a Few Helpful Hints

30 June 2022

Divorce rates increase after Calgary Stampede. This is the trend. Clichés like "It's not cheating — its stampeding" certainly can cause anxiety to those already in a rocky relationship. 

As we look forward to the Stampede, people are filled with a combination of excitement and nerves around what just might unfold in the next few weeks. Stampeding is something that we look forward to for the bulk of the year.

For those not in a relationship, there is the potential promise of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right and for those in a relationship, there is the prospect of having a great time either together or alone. While the majority look to the time to just get out, have a good time and take a well-deserved breather from the fast pace of Calgary life, some are looking to check out if the grass is greener.

Helpful Hints when Stampeding:

  1. Everyone looks better after a few too many drinks
  2. Cowboy hats and boots are like Candy. It looks good but can be bad for you.
  3. Try and avoid drinking out late without your significant other
  4. Stampede is a great Calgary tradition the city is very proud of, so show it in good light to the out-of-towners and your colleagues
  5. Remember there are sober people partying as well and they will remember everything
  6. Basically, everyone around you has a cell phone with the potential for photos, or worse, video recording
  7. Calgary is a growing but small town where everyone knows everyone. Remember someone at that next table could know your parents, teach your kids or know your employer
  8. Dress up sexy in your boots and hat for your spouse — create some fun as a couple
  9. Do not send your wife and kids to the cottage while you stay home and "work"

Remember to Have Fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun and be responsible. The goal for couples here is to create the kind of experience that is fun for both parties. Making bad decisions when alcohol gets added to the mix happens far too often.

You can dress up and create fun little outfits for one another to create a bit of excitement for the evening out. Don't go stampeding alone when you can have a perfectly good time bringing that special someone with you.

Most of all remember to be responsible. Having a few adult beverages is perfectly fine. Getting a little rowdy is perfectly fine. Don't get carried away!