Learn About a Day in the Life as a Franchisee of Fairway Divorce Solutions

10 September 2017

Colette FortinMeet Colette Fortin

A Fairway Divorce Solutions franchisee for over ten years now, Colette Fortin, shares her story about a day in the life of a franchisee as well as what inspired her to join after hearing Karen Stewart’s passionate story about creating a revolutionary approach to divorce.

As one of the franchise’s top mediators, her location has an astounding 95 per cent client completion rate. She also received the 2017 Small Business of the Year Award.

A Day in the Life of a Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchisee

Whether she’s reviewing upcoming cases or planning the week ahead, Fortin’s days as a Fairway business owner are non-stop, yet the large workload doesn’t seem to faze her. Typically, she’ll start her Monday mornings by arriving at the office bright and early in order to review the week’s schedule.

Her days are mostly divided between meetings with current clients and conducting new consultations. On average, Fortin does six new consultations a week, allowing her to speak with couples during an introduction session, where it’s determined if mediation is the right solution for their separation.

It’s during these sessions where Fortin sets the optimistic tone that makes Fairway so unique. “I always tell my clients that for mediation to work, they have to be willing to work together,” she says. “They have to put their emotions and positions aside, and look towards the future.”

When it comes to meetings with existing clients, Fortin implements Fairway’s Independently Negotiated Resolution model, whereby mediators help couples come to consensus on the issues. These meetings are where details of the separation agreement are determined, and can include anything from spousal and child support arrangements to financial divisions and co-parenting plans.

Resolution Plans

Resolution plans a good portion of the day. The Resolution Plan is an 18-page document used to summarize all of the decisions made regarding separation. Once completed, these plans are transitioned to lawyers for the legal separation and divorce process.

“When you start with Fairway, you’re one person, and you get one case. Today, I’m lucky and have two additional staff who help with reception, bookkeeping, and managing clients. One of my employees is also starting to take on her own cases, which has been huge!”

Fortin is grateful for the extra help around the office. Still, she says starting on her own when she first opened has been more beneficial than not. “As a business owner, you really need to be able to do everything in your office, because that’s the only way you can evaluate what is and isn’t working.”

Fairway Provides Solutions

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