How to protect your kids & assets through divorc

15 October 2019

How to Protect Yourself Through Divorce and the Questions You Need To Ask

Women looking back joggingThere are a seemingly a million things to worry about when going through a divorce. The more things there are to argue about -- children, assets, debts, etc. -- the more complicated things get Before you can successfully protect your assets, or children while going through a divorce, you must adhere to these three steps:

Divorce Step 1: Get over it

Divorce doesn’t have to be a dirty word. While it is a difficult experience, it does not need to define you. Your marriage is over, and you can embrace new beginnings.

Divorce Step 2: Seek answers

You are likely feeling overwhelmed, confused, and afraid about what lays ahead. You have no idea where to start, the questions you need to ask, or where to look for the answers. There are several family lawyers and divorce mediation experts that offer expert advice with a no charge consultation.

Divorce Step 3: Protect yourself

We understand. On that happy day when you said ‘I do”, the last thing you thought would happen to you was a divorce. We get that, but to move through a divorce in the best way possible, you must protect your bank account, your kids and, most importantly, yourself.

Protect Your Children Through a Divorce with a Co-parenting Plan.

What future do you want for your kids?

Little kid smilingIf you are divorcing with children, I’m sure you agree that protecting your kids is your primary focus. Emotions run high during separation, particularly around parenting. Unfortunately, there is no definitive ‘how-to’ guide on the best way to structure co-parenting plans or what will work best for your family. However, the good news is that there are thousands of couples who have worked hard to structure a positive co-parenting plan, and as a result, have well adjusted, confident children. You, too, can have that.

The Fairway INR Process ™

Even though it might seem hard or maybe even impossible, collaborative, kid-focused parenting can happen, even after divorce. You and your ex can share graduations, weddings and grandkids. However, the decisions you make today will lay the foundation — your next steps matter. The Fairway INR process will help you design a co-parenting plan so that you can raise your children, knowing that they will be confident, happy and launch successful lives. Fairway has helped thousands of couples achieve this by using our Independently Negotiated Resolution,™ process, which ensures couples settle their family law cases privately, without having to go to court, where all your records are public.

Protect Your Assets by Using Divorce Mediation.

Where do you want your hard-earned money to end up?

Lawyers are hired to get the best outcome for their clients. That is why you hire them to protect you. As a result, there are some financial consequences. Things to know before your hire a lawyer Lawyers strategize to “win” by positioning the other spouse as untrustworthy, mean, and a poor parent. Lawyers file affidavits against you, and they send demanding letters back and forth between each other, making accusations and demands, all resulting in increased conflict, which amounts to large legal bills.

What about resolution? Who is focusing on that? How are these large legal bills getting you to your end game? These are smart questions you need to ask yourself.

Maybe the short term gratification of seeing, in writing, what a horrible person your soon to be ex is, makes you feel good. But this will quickly fade once the legal bills continue to arrive in your inbox, plus the damage of these words you put in writing does not go away, ever. 

Before making any decisions, download your FREE copy of ‘13 Things You Need To Know Before You Hire a Lawyer.’ This guide will only take you 13 minutes to read and will save you from making decisions that cost you time, money and add unnecessary stress to your life.

Download Divorce Guide

Divorce Mediation

Negotiation handshakeMany couples end up in mediation after spending up to hundreds of thousands with lawyers. It would be much cheaper the other way around. Start with divorce mediation, and if that fails, then perhaps you are left with no other choice. But at least you tried. The proven Fairway Process of Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR) offered by Fairway Divorce Solutions, has achieved thousands of favourable resolutions since 2005 by taking clients from start to finish. Fairway has built a robust Canadian brand that strives to change the way divorce happens nationally by specializing in divorce mediation.


At Fairway We Stand Against:

  • Destroyed relationships
  • Giving away your net worth
  • Wasting precious years fighting
  • Using kids as pawns
  • Putting your future in someone else’s hands

The bottom line when it comes to divorce

Don’t be fooled — divorce is a zero-sum game. You will both lose something, that is a guarantee. Would it not make more sense to focus on achieving the best outcome possible that keeps the money in your pocket and protects your kids. And is based on what you are entitled to by law? Again, it’s about two things: money and kids. You need to hire a company or team that are experts in negotiation, asset valuation, division of assets in divorce and co-parenting plans, all working towards a timely positive resolution. There was a time where the divorce laws in Canada were at the discretion of Judges and savvy, charismatic lawyers because the rules were vague. Today, this is not the case. With the Matrimonial laws across Canada, along with the Federal Child and Spousal Support guidelines sharply defined, why are you fighting? The law already predetermines much of your outcome. Let Fairway Divorce Solutions help you.

Is Fairway Right for You?

This process is not for everyone. You can choose The Clear Road to a New Life®. A life where you are happy and your children are thriving. Research supports that a healthy divorce is better than an unhealthy marriage.

Fairway is for you if:

  • You are still hurt and sensitive, but feel it’s time to move on.
  • You’d rather keep your assets between you and your spouse than fight and give them to a lawyer.
  • You want your children to be happy and healthy with mutually respectful parents.
  • You’re ready to be fair and focus on a resolution that will stand up in court and uses the current laws and sound decision making.
  • It is OK to be conflicted and even have an element of mistrust as the Fairway Process allows the parties to make decisions independently of each other through the INR process
  • You realize that this is a phase of life, and while the divorce is difficult, you do not want to let it define who you are or who you want to become.

Fairway is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to move on.
  • You want to punish or fight with your ex.
  • You’re still raging mad and cannot control your emotions.
  • You think that you should get more than half.
  • You’re stuck on parenting and not ready to do what’s best for your kids.
  • You think the kids should stay away from the other parent because you are the better parent.
  • You’re a victim of physical abuse.
  • You are hiding money.
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Think Fairway might be for you? Talking to us will help make sense of what your next best step is and give you some clarity and peace of mind. Lastly, what do you have to lose?