Don't Take the Bait in a Difficult Divorce

07 February 2014

Do Not Take The BaitDivorce is difficult enough when things are amiable. But when your ex turns things ugly, it can become a difficult divorce. Just getting through to the light at the end of the tunnel can feel impossible.

The unfortunate thing is that this happens in many divorces. Sure, there are instances where divorcing couples come out on the other side with an amiable relationship. It just isn't commonplace.

Going Through a Difficult Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce, then there is no doubt that your soon to be ex will have mastered how to push your buttons. Your challenge is to not react — no matter what! Yes, perhaps it's harder said than done but here are a few helpful tips to try:

  • If under attack — stay focused on the end game. For example, use this self-talk "I just need to get my kids half the time and protect my ability to be healthy and earn an income" — other than that, little matters so I can just keep my mouth shut and my reactions to myself.
  • Remind yourself — there is no need or reason to debate the past. Focus only on the present and the future.
  • There is no value in proving she/he is wrong and you are right. No one cares — the harsh reality.
  • Find someone you can talk to openly who is not vested in the drama. Either a counsellor or objective friend. This journey is about you moving on and having a bright future so start laying the foundation today to do that.
  • Stop complaining. Watch your language and as hard as it is — stay positive. Reframe your words from negative to positive and your life will start changing today

Call Fairway Today

If you find yourself staring down a particularly difficult divorce, don't fret. Call Fairway today to the process of moving forward to a new life. Your ex will no doubt continue to make the entire process difficult, but you can at least know that someone has your best interests at heart.

Divorce is difficult enough as it is. Dealing with a spouse who just wants to make life a living hell can make things even worse. Don't let them; have Fairway help you navigate the turbulent waters.