Divorce Expert Karen Stewart

07 October 2020

Divorce Expert Karen StewartWhen going through the divorce process, it helps to have a divorce expert on your side. Karen Stewart has become a trusted name in guiding Canadians through one of the roughest experiences that life has to offer.

But simply stating that one is a divorce expert is not enough. There needs to be proof, evidence that they can provide the guiding hand that Canadians need to get a cost-effective, easier divorce. Otherwise, it is just a matter a closing your eyes and picking at random.

Here is what you need to know about Karen Stewart, divorce expert.


Divorce Expert Blogger

Karen Stewart in the mediaFirst and foremost, you may know Karen from her blog posts on her website Fairway Divorce Solutions. She discusses a litany of subjects like the difference between litigation and mediation, how to tell your family about divorce, co-parenting, and so much more.

She speaks from experience because she has been there and done that. A true divorce expert not only has the answers but the experience of dealing with real people to back it up.

Karen’s blog is a helpful tool for those considering divorce, actively going through the process, or trying to figure things out afterwards. If any of these topics relate to you and your life, Karen may be the divorce expert to get you on the path to a new life.

Financial Expert

Before starting Fairway Divorce Solutions, Karen owned and managed over $100 million of assets under her management. In addition to being a Master of Finance, Karen has advised thousands of Canadians on wealth management, financial planning, and stock trades.

Though she has since shifted all of her focus to Fairway Divorce Solutions, she has the financial expertise that puts her on another level from most of the other “experts” out there. Simply put she knows how to help people and couples manage their finances both during and after the divorce process.

During the process of a divorce, there are two main points of concern: money and children. And more often than not, money becomes the focal point of major fighting during divorce proceedings.

For this reason, people need to be informed on the decisions they make. Karen earns her “divorce expert” title through years of expertise. Owning her own business, investing in private equity, and building a successful financial company gives her a unique perspective. Not to mention the fact that she owned her own insurance company and insurance can be a complicated topic during divorce.

Best-Selling Divorce Expert and Writer

If her long list of credentials weren’t enough, Karen is also a best-selling author. She published Clean Break in 2008 and has since revised it to become a best-seller based on volume. But her writing experience doesn’t end there.

She has also written articles with high-level insight into things like financial statements and business ownership and how they play into the divorce prospect. She also has her ICD.D, which is a very privileged designation and certainly adds to her “divorce expert” moniker.

As an expert, she needs to have an understanding of private and public businesses and how to speak on that level. That allows her to deal with clients who have the most complex of files, saving them what would be thousands in lawyer fees otherwise.

Being Divorced Provides a Unique Experience

All of the accolades are fine and well. There is one thing, however, that gives her a unique perspective: she is divorced herself. She had what she would call a “very messy” divorce in 2000 with lawyer fees topping $500,000.

This mother of 3 children – who have grown up to get their Master’s in Law, Master’s in Accounting, and one currently still in school – knows better than most what going through divorce is like and the toll it can take.

Being a divorce expert means truly knowing how the experience feels and how to recover from it. She felt the impact of her divorce and moved on. She chose to let that define her rather than the divorce itself.

A Divorce Expert Knows Mediation and Parenting Planning

Through her Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR) process, she has helped hundreds, if not thousands of Canadians file for divorce. Some had a net worth north of $50 million, showing her experience in the business world.

The INR process is meant to put a focus on children and assets. The aim of the INR process is fairness in the resolution without the nasty mediation that can turn into an ugly war of words. INR is meant to deliver fair results, not drag out the billable hours.

Most importantly, she knows how to help parents move forward after the divorce to raise their children the way that makes sense to them. Divorce experts will offer a “do this, do that” plan, but Karen truly knows how to set up specific plans for scheduling, money, co-parenting, and more.

Disruption to the Divorce System

The divorce system has a common perception. That perception is that lawyers are simply looking to pad their billable hours, doing nothing to quell disputes and foster compromise.

With her article "Disruption to the Divorce System", Karen puts a focus on alternative dispute resolution. This is to create more manageable solutions that don't require long, expensive legal battles.

Why Karen Strives to be an Expert

The most important aspect of being a divorce expert is the reason why she does it all. The fact of the matter is that she strives to protect not just the now, but seven generations from now. Her why is the driving force between her goal to provide resolution for Canadians look to divorce.

There are plenty of experts and lawyers out there that are simply looking to pad their wallets. Karen aims to make the process better than it was for her. With her personal and professional experience, she is one in a million. 

That is the true mark of a divorce expert.